We aim to support the professional development of teachers, teaching assistants and support staff by:

  • Providing advice and guidance about  special needs
  • Advising about integration/transition issues
  • Advice concerning appropriate resources, including ICT resources
  • Advising on planning appropriate interventions
  • Observation of children and young people in teaching and learning situations
  • Input to individual programmes  (including direct teaching, development of learning targets, advice about teaching strategies, and specialist resources
  • Professional development of teachers. Teaching assistants and support staff in individual settings or clusters e.g. One-off training on:
    • ASD and structured teaching
    • P scale assessment
    • Use of communication in print
    • Total communication
    • Contribution to a programme of training
    • Modelling lessons
    • Shadowing

We support the learning needs of children and young people from 0-19 in years of:

  • Cognition and learning
  • Communication and interaction
  • Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Sensory/medical/physical difficulties

Outreach providers may also, in liaison with the receiving school/setting or other of the county’s support services, work with individuals or groups of parents.